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Your  request will be sent to the sales department of Bilmar Avionics, Inc.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to quote.  Bilmar Avionics, Inc. will process quotes within 5 days .    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us. 

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What voltage is your aircraft 14 or 28 volts                       

     14 volts         28 volts
Do you have a ground clearance switch installed ? (this allows you to turn on one radio with the aircraft mster switch off. Yes  No  I don't know
What type of autopilot is installed in your aircraft ?


What type of HSI is installed in your aircraft ?

 I don't have an HSI installed but would like you to install one.
 Bendix IN-831
 Century NSD-360 or NSD-1000
 Collins PN-101
 King EFIS 40/50   King KI-525  King KI-825
 Sandel SN3308 EFIS
 STEC ST-180
 Other HSI system not listed here
 I have an HSI system but I don't know what kind
Items that require data bus interface.  Do you have any of the following items installed ?  check all that apply
 I don't have any external items that reqire a data bus interface but would like you to install one.
 WX1000 Stormscope with Nav display
Argus 3000 or 5000 or 700 Moving Map
Fuel flow system that displays waypoint information
External Multi Function Display
STEC GPSS adapter
External data jack for laptop or other
Davtron DVOR
I'm not sure if I have any external data items.
What equipment is to be installed that you are requesting a quote for ?
What existing equipment needs to be moved / relocated ? (if any)
What existing equipment  is to be removed ? (if any)
Please include any additional notes about the requested work.

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